Complete, Convenient, Excellent Value developer suite for IVR system

PortSIP IVR SDK(PortIVR) is a powerful Software Development Kit that allows companies to turn their vision of an interactive call flow into reality, usually it used to create SIP-based IVR server(Interactive Voice Response). It's built on SIP RFC standard.

With commitment to SIP and VoiceXML, the PortSIP IVR SDK is the bridge to enable a virtual next-generation contact center focusing on the holistic caller experience. This is for the transformative self-service solution that reshapes call answering by applying business logic to consider caller identity, intent, preferences, and context in order to determine the most appropriate next steps for a superior customer experience.


Key Advantages – Benefits

  • Customers gain easy-to-use, 24/7 access to voice interface applications
  • VoiceXML-based and SIP-based IVR server provides enhance portability and investment protection
  • Support for the latest open standards means easier and faster development
  • Lower operational costs through reduced staffing
  • New revenue opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell of best-of-breed voice applications
  • Holistic blended caller experience of IVR and agent-assisted provides an optimum customer experience
Building Virtual Call and Contact Centers with PortSIP IVR SDK

Based on an open-standard IP infrastructure, PortSIP IVR SDK offers best-in-class Contact Center functionality – including voice, video and other web-based channels. PortSIP simplifies your Contact Center infrastructure, enhancing first-call resolution through front office and back office integration, improving workflow productivity and customer satisfaction.

To accomplish voice and data convergence effectively, unify Call Center operations with an enterprise telephony platform that simplifies communications management across your virtual call center.

Ultra Reliable and Super Scalable

PortSIP IVR SDK is built on the 99.999% (“5-9s”) reliability of the Customer Experience, which supports a wide range of compatible devices in the ecosystem – affording extensive interoperability between SIP-enabled devices, such as phones, VoIP gateways and Session Border Controllers (SBCs).

Migrate to SIP at Your Own Pace

PortSIP IVR SDK permits migration to an IP-based environment; no rip-and-replace required. Supporting open carrier IMS (Internet Multimedia Subsystem) architecture, PortSIP IVR SDK can run on both managed and hosted Contact Centers from the Cloud.


Please read the SDK license agreement before purchased. SDK License Agreement

PortSIP IVR SDK v8.1 Sample for C#Download
PortSIP IVR SDK v8.1 Sample for VB.NETDownload
PortSIP IVR SDK v8.1 Sample for VC++Download